The Albums Are Arrived [2019 Domination]

Well well well, 2019 is coming to an end but I have a share with you folks with this amazing post with a new series of my album review there right but before I explain everything here, I would share to you the events occured before this happen. However folks that I have to addressed something on EXO’s case on what’s happening right now at end of my blog post, please don’t be offended with this but you should understand this matter as possible. Before that, let’s started with some good news,

Between late October 2019 and early November 2019 when my father contacted to me thru Facebook Messenger when he was in Netherlands that time for his training, he told me that what gift do you want when he’s back in our home Philippines and I said to him that Kpop albums again which is my both post-birthday and early Christmas gift at once. And I presented to him the picture that I want and initally I want six albums which are the following:

  • Itzy‘s It’z Icy (1st Korean Mini Album)
  • Izone‘s Bloom*Iz (1st Korean Full Length Album, that was supposed to be released on November 11th of 2019 but the turnout was postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing controversial issue about voting manipulation in all of Produce 101 Korea seasons where IOI, Wanna One, Izone and X1 formed as well to Idol School where Fromis 9 formed)
  • Cosmic Girls‘ As You Wish (8th Korean Over-All Mini Album)
  • Lovelyz‘s Once Upon A Time (6th Korean Mini Album)
  • Twice‘s Feel Special (8th Korean Mini Album)
  • EXO‘s Obsession (6th Korean-Chinese Full Length Album)

I’m super excited that time to see all six albums in once however I want some more, did a second thoughts if I could pushtrough or not and I also want other set of albums that my father promised to me as well. But the saddened part is that my father lost his credit card in the airplane upon his arrival back in the Philippines from Spain and he complained to the airline originated from Spain where he ride there but the airline doesn’t have actions citing that the airline have many bad records in the past as my father tell that to me, and turned into dust of all the money (thru his credit card) that he did work hard to compensate everything like financial needs, payments in household necessities like water, electricity, telephone, etc. but the good part is that he’s arrived safely and family really matters. Money is just additional pointsand I could said this in my native language that you must take note of that folks, “WALA NAMAN MAWAWALA SA’YO, ANG MAHALAGA AY MAGKAKASAMA-SAMA TAYO AS A FAMILY ANUMAN MANGYARI.”

This original plan doesn’t work but when we talk around late November 2019 and I said to him that, “Is my gifts that I want will pushthrough?” and he said to me is “SUPER YES!” but he want to pick me only two out of those six albums for the meantime but he’s promised that he could earn more money again when he’s back in job starting December 19th of 2019 and will be back around April of 2020 and he’s have some money that he saved from this mess.

On November 28th of 2019, around mid-morning to early noontime, my mother also there besides my father in the dining area, my father called me out to go downstairs and said to me that I can bought the albums now and must get USD 50 on his wallet. Backup plan really works when my mother allowing me to use her credit card which is also my wish through my father’s order, my mother said to me that I must used my older sister’s credit card and I said super NO due that my older sister will be super jealous again if I bought albums and I foought that I want my mother’s credit card to use, and finally wish granted as well. Then I told to my both parents that my albums that I will bought will be around USD 46 which including the shipping fee, then my father gave the USD 50 to my mother, and my mother give me around USD 4 (or PHP 200) for my change. And now the main event, in all of six albums that I wish for then I choose these ones:

  • Twice‘s Feel Special (8th Korean Mini Album)
  • EXO‘s Obsession (6th Korean-Chinese Full Length Album)

Why the recent albums of Twice and EXO? Because I’m still dedicated to these eighteen people there and have a good relationship as one of their family (besides a fan) for 6 years and 10 years respectively even they’re not yet debuted that time. I got into Twice since January 2014 when they’re 6mix that time even before the survival show Sixteen happened, and EXO since November 22nd of 2009 during M1/Land Of Boys era which I already addressed this to everyone before. They have the same story of having original lineup members but changes time to time before it finalized thst we’ve known right now. This story also same applies to Girls’ Generation and Black Pink.

And let me reminding you that I’m not a picky person for which version that I want as long as my faves are there then I always appreciated their works whatever happens and I’m stanning them for quality music, determination, hardwork, creativity and teamwork. Even there so many versions they have, it doesn’t matter, they have same tracklist/songs but the difference of album covers is the creativity.

I chose Twice’s Feel Special album because I got another taste of music where our nine ladies are slowly understand this new music that they’ve never try before, new fresh music, new traits, new charms, new environment that are all fantastic! All of the seven songs Feel Special (title song), Breakthrough (Korean Version), Get Loud, Rainbow, Trick It, Love Foolish and dedication song for ONCEs which is 21:29 are super on the point!

And my second one that I chose out of six that I want is EXO’s Obsession because of the same reason as Twice ones but EXO is almost on their 8th year in the show business that they’re not scared anymore of trying new music as possible, their singing voices are super deeper and of course the singing quality, techniques, dynamics, etc. like a super world class performance that will always still there. They’re not scared anymore on improving rap skills as well. It’s not just only applies these new things to EXO but to my other faves like Twice. These nine songs Obsession (both Korean and Chinese versions), Trouble, Jekyll, Butterfly Effect, Day After Day, Ya Ya Ya, Baby You Are, Groove and Non Stop are super level up actually, admit it or not!

Here is the full timeline of what I did to settle everything among with the full explanation below after this timeline posted:

I ordered these albums at the same Korean online store which is ktown4u that have postive reviews for the most of the time and also it’s my third time to order there. They’re very friendly, humble, fantastic, exceptional and everything around the sun. The shipping carrier that I chose when I settle the orders is the EMS ones which also the same ones that I ordered before and it’s around USD 46 all in all including the shipping fee that I got (USD 45.95 to be exact).

Everything has a smooth on this full timeline. I will clarify to you for the departure from Korea on the way to the Philippines part last December 7th of 2019, because the plane where my package is there is supposed to be departed by 11:55am Manila time (12:55pm Korea time) but we got an early notice from AirAsia PH and Incheon International Airport staff prior to departure time that the plane is delayed by 22 minutes due to the traffic at the air which means that the plane departed by 12:05pm Manila time (1:05pm Korea time) which is 10 minutes from the original departure time and arrived in the Philippines by 4:37pm Manila time (5:37pm Korea time) instead of original plan of 4:15pm Manila time (5:15pm Korea time). Delayed flights is not new anymore folks, like or not, but the most important is that the passengers, suitcases and even the packages/parcels arrived safely without any problems.

Everyday I monitored my package within the period of December 6th of 2019 till December 10th of 2019, means it takes 4 days from shipped out of my package from Korea until finally my package is in our hands. If you counted the days that I ordered in ktown4u, it takes 12 days because I ordered last November 28th of 2019 (a day after EXO’s comeback).

December 10th of 2019, The day when my package finally arrived in our home. Before this package arrived, I was in school that time because I have only one class for that day which is 7 am to 8:30am Manila time (8am to 9:30am Korea time), when I went home after my class then I ate breakfast because my family already finish their breakfast and I was the only one left behind. Around noontime to early afternoon, I accompany my brother to sleep together after we switch with my father that he’s going downstairs to take care of our sari-sari store so that I could sleep with my brother but they didn’t know that I still monitoring my package time to time plus I prepare the other requirements needed from PHLPOST which are storage fee of PHP 112 and two valid IDs which are my passport and school ID when my package finally in our hands. Around 3pm onwards, my father said to me that I need to sleep with my brother but I slept few minutes before PHLPOST is there which caused my father called me downstairs that the package finally arrived. When I’m went to sari-sari store to receive my package, I’m very happy and super excited that my package finally arrived despite the traffic jam they experienced but the most important is that my package is safe!

My father is very happy for me and also my brother too, however my older sister questioning me of what I handle when I went to upstairs then I said it’s my package, then she said to me that she’s very jealous then she said with this line “SANA ALL”. My father called me again downstairs to take an afternoon snack or “meryenda” in Tagalog with sotanghon noodles with siomai along with my brother due that he can’t slept because he didn’t slept well. When we finish our meryenda, then I went to upstairs again and it’s now the main event of the day, the revelation of my Kpop albums that I ordered and here it is,

First stop that I unboxed the album is none other than Twice‘s Feel Special (8th Korean Mini Album),

This album have three versions which are white&gold (A version, whose also an online cover image), royal blue (B version) and black (C version) and I got the black version, however I didn’t got the pre-order benfits which include poster and a set of photocards due that it’s only availble for pre-sale period however I’m not closing doors to find the way to get the preorder benefits (poster and set of photocards) if I have a plan to bought it but the good news is that ktown4u offered a Black Friday sale (which happened from November 22nd to December 1st of 2019) which is caused that this album got a lowered price and I got this opportunity to order it together with EXO ones. And here I got the following:

  • A photobook
  • CD-R: Momo
  • Regular Photocards: 1 Jeongyeon, 1 Momo, 2 Sana, 1 Tzuyu
  • Gold Photocard: Chaeyoung
  • Lyric Book: Jihyo

The second and the last one that I will show you is none other than EXO‘s Obsession (6th Korean-Chinese Full Length Album), so check it out the photos below,

This album actually have four versions which are EXO, X-EXO, Obsession and Kihno versions. EXO and X-EXO versions released on the comeback day itself which is November 27th of 2019, while the Obsession version unleashed on December 4th of 2019 (a week after their comeback day) and the latest version for this album is the Kihno version that will be out by December 23rd of 2019 which is different from those three physical versions because Kihno is hard at first but if you try that to plug on your smartphones regardless of operating system (OS) you have and/or some tablets and followed those instructions then you can operate it easier. When I found out that there’s only two versions of this album then it doesn’t matter for me which I could get, but when the Obsession version came up, to compensate these EXO vs. X-EXO battle thing that a lot of my fellow EXO-Ls are cheering and fought for it then I finalized to order the Obsession version of this album because EXO and X-EXO are just the same people but different charms, different environment, but they’re are just one whole EXO whatever happens, like it or not. I’m not siding either on EXO or X-EXO because I don’t want be choosing one and I want both of them as one that’s motivates me to choose the Obsession version instead. And here’s I got,

  • Two photobooks: EXO and X-EXO versions
  • CD-R: Obsession version
  • Photocard: Sehun
  • Postcard: Suho
  • A lyric book, first five songs with EXO version images and last five songs with X-EXO version images
  • A flyer from SM Entertainment
  • A coupon from Korean digital platform FLO (formerly as Naver Music)
  • Two posters: Baekhyun’s folded poster and a whole group poster (you can see it down below these photos that I got)

My wish is super granted for the poster that I got actually because I don’t want to be biased on one EXO member due that my ultimate biases in EXO and other Kpop groups that I currently stan is all members of these respective groups. I love all 9 of them actually but 12 is always in our hearts, even they’re just six right now that are promoting which are Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun whatever happens then they’re still meant to be in EXO! I really miss Xiumin, Lay and D.O. as they have their own careers where Lay is pursuing solo endeavors in his home China and Xiumin and D.O. currently serving to their home Korea for fulfill their mandatory military service!

Well I’m very happy that I grab a copies of these albums and it doesn’t matter for whatever version I got as long as my faves are there then I will always appeciate them!

Before I ended this post, here is my thoughts with regards to EXO’s Obsession albums sabotaging issue. First of all that I understand your thoughts on what’s happened now, I saw all of your thoughts on the social media channels such as there’s delays of the shipment of those albums, some were cancelled the orders due that SM Entertainment didn’t respond these actions, some were refunded from some Korean and international online stores due to the same reason. This case is similar on what’s happened to Super Junior where SM didn’t produced many stocks for the Time Slip albums. I’m really in mixed emotions till now regards these but folks reminder that we must continue to grab the copies of this albums anywhere in all Korean and international online stores as possible, don’t let SM Entertaiment to win anywhere because SM Entertainment is crazy due that they mistreated all of their artists especially to EXO. Don’t lose hope because when in God’s perfect time comes that these albums will finally in your hands then there would be a both best Christmas and New Years gift for EXO and us EXO-Ls because we exceeded the goals from EXO 2018 achievements, and I know it’s Christmas season that causes to hold the production of this album but we won’t stop there folks and we could find the way to settle these problems that we encounter. I will say this to everyone in my native language that “WAG IBULSA NG SM ENTERTAINMENT ANG PERA NG BAYAN SA KANILANG BANK ACCOUNT NA PINAGHIRAPAN NATIN MGA EXO-Ls NA BAYARAN ITO PARA MAY KOPYA TAYO NG ALBUM NG EXO. DAPAT I-RELEASE LAHAT NG PERA PARA MA-PRODUCE NA YUNG MGA ALBUMS, MA-SERBISYUHAN NA TAYO MGA EXO-Ls SA LALONG MADALING PANAHON AT HINDI DAPAT PINABABAYAAN!” which reminded me of incument Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto complained with regards to the former adminstration of Bobby Eusebio on the funds on that said place which he said that there’s money that were just on the bank accounts that the former administration didn’t used it and he promised to release all the funds to create different projects within this place like prioritized healthcare, education, jobs, etc. and this is logic actually. Sabotaging everything within Kpop industry or outside the Kpop industry are not new anymore, this is very frustrating actually. This issue must be a take note for all singers of 200+ nationalities and their respective companies, like it or not.

But nevertheless, I wanna thank you and thumbs up to ktown4u team, Goyang Mail Center officials, International Post Office officials, Incheon International Airport officials, Manila International Airport Authority officials, PHLPOST officials and Bureau Of Customs officials for letting my package arrively safe and taking care of it before went into our hands despite these difficulties encountered and it’s Christmas season again this 2019 because we will always pray for you for good health, safety, your families and relatives, financial needs, among other important needs and make 2019 to be end with a prosperous band and looking forward for 2020 and beyond!

And also I wanna give a shoutout also to my fellow hardworking EXO-Ls, ONCEs and whole TWICEXO NATION for letting me share this story and not giving up anywhere because you always went on head up high as possible! Shout out also to my other fellow Kpop fans such as SONEs, Pink Pandas, Lovelinus, Buddys, Miracles, Ujungs, Danjjaks, Blinks, HIghs, Ki-lings, Flovers, Orbits, Wizones, Cherry Bullet stans, Midzys, Forevers, Rocket Punch stans, UBYs, among others for giving me good vibes there too and special mentioned also to ELFs and OT5 VIPs too for giving me more strength and support!

To my family, relatives and friends there, a huge thank you also for strengthen me and give love and support of what I have now but I promised that I could do a little bit more! No hurt feelings okay!

Finally to God, thank you for these blessings that I’ve got and I’m always appreciated all of your works everyday!

Super thank you to all again and hope you can enjoy this story I’ve made and a blessed Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year to 2020 and beyond, may God be the glory! And here are the final photos for this post that you can see it below,