My Reaction On The Video About Salaries From Four Major Kpop Agencies

You can watch this.

It’s long time no see to you folks and I’m glad that I could post again on my own blog for this day!

I have to react on this video, equal pay and equal treatment are must to do when it comes to the workplace not just only in the Kpop industry but also in general regardless whether it’s food, school, family, finance, entertainment, sports, among others.

The reason that lots of YG artists have most net income and being rich in Korea it’s because even their company are one of the worst agencies when it comes to promoting and scandals that they faced but they fill it up when it comes to salaries that are super huge and big deal, I credit to BIGBANG OT5 for being foundation of YG to let their own agency to be one of the top agencies in Korea and which have a long story on why they’re being moneymakers in their company, to be honest that even I’m not expert when it comes to business and accounting matters but some I know the basics on what’s going on thru the workplace in general not just on Kpop industry. Legal action and prioritizing mental health which are also their advantages, creative freedom on producing their own music, TV and radio guesting gigs, commercial endorsement gigs, modelling gigs, other important events that they attended, concerts, having their own business (eg. food, build their own school, etc.), being good stewards (you mistaken them as bad ones but in their own lives thst they’re confidently beautiful and handsom with a good heart), giving basic necessities, giving a shelter/dorms/houses to both artists and trainees that are rich and expensive and everything that YG and their artists around the sun are also their advantages as well and it’s no questions asked anyway.

As for Big Hit (and their subsidiary labels) that they did better when it comes to promotions and giving a huge salaries to their artists but their disadvantage is almost none but I don’t have any comments with them but I could say that they did a better job too. Legal action, prioritizing mental health, having lots of important events they attended, concerts, good stewards, lots of TV and radio guesting gigs are also their advantages.

On JYP, they’re one of the agencies that have most active groups nowadays but their disadvantage is their division system which each division have only around 20+ employees and staff which is not enough, they have 2PM, Got7 and Twice that are one of the moneymakers there but still didn’t treated better and it affects also to Day6, Stray Kids, Itzy and even Boy Story, another disadvantage on JYP is that after their 7th year in show business that they left in the company but the advantage when they leave in JYP is that they didn’t block their former artists to appear in TV, giving them a lot of advices and giving creative freedom to produce music, weight issues is another problem especially on their female artists (which is advantage thru other 3 agencies that is in this video and even other agencies that are not mentioned here due that their artists could eat whatever they want as long as they must do exercise, proper diet and boost their immnune system at the same time) because fatshaming is an international issue whether we like or not because I got fatshamed also too till now on why my weight is this but I could eat whatever I want but the reason is that sometimes I have some pains and sickness because of this and overworking is their another problem too for letting their artists work super jam-packed and not letting rest. Their advantage is that this agency have more local ownership than foreign ownership which is good, at first that they didn’t invest on overseas before it changes nowadays because they’re did a stepping stone to improved their agency to be one of the best. Salaries in JYP are almost justificable like in YG and Big Hit, lots of TV and radio guestings, stepping stone to produce their own music like most of YG and Big Hit artists, legal action, prioritizing mental health, attending important events, concerts, etc. are their another advantages too.

And for SM, this is a super big issue for them and it’s a super long story. SM Entertainment is the top Kpop agency till this point but what happened nowadays. First is the salaries, what happened? It’s because you can see on this video that their supposed huge salaries got put in the company’s pocket instead even they worked so hard which lots of artists and even the employees complained about this matter, if you see the ratio of earnings or profit distribution that it’s around below minimum wage in Korea I think just what’s doing in my home Philippines which is salaries is the big issue for my own country. Another reason on why those artists and employees from SM got lowest salaries they got it’s because their own company have connections with lots of big companies both local and international to send these salaries that artists and employees that supposed to receive, foreign ownership is the reason how SM is trying hard to send their artists especially the seniors/sunbaes in overseas instead of their home Korea when they focused more on the younger ones that are super ambitious but didn’t pull off for the most. SM Entertainment have a lots of bad records on the court battle especially on Shinhwa issue one because Shinhwa won the court against their former agency for not letting them giving royalties, trademark issue, etc. which it’s likely a hint for EXO nowadays. Lawsuit issues from Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Minwoo, Han Geng, Kris, Luhan and Tao are another problem on why SM give all of their artists of lowest salaries because lots of mistreatments not just for them but to the other former and current artists too. All artists in SM are in massive danger because there’s Kim Youngmin, Nam Soyoung and Chris Lee running this company for their desperation. It’s subsidiaries companies/agencies in SM are also in danger too for the main agency’s incompetent where they only care for money and business and wasting the opportunities to treat their artists better just like ABS-CBN doing (which I’m very relief that this TV network from my home will closing on airwaves around May of 2020 because of lots of violations they committed and not greanting them of another 25 years to operate). There’s other lots of disadvantages that SM Entertainment got, legal action because the lawyers are passive to take this matter when the artists are ask to take legal action but hindi pinapansin talaga due that this agency tolerates bullying and violence, mental health because they letting their artists overworked and giving them jamqpacked schedules both locally and overseas which the health of artists got worsened to the highest level than ever, creative freedom is their another disadvantage especially thru producing their own music which this company only relies on their in-house producers and not giving these artists their opinions on why this song must be released and not this song they produced, TV and radio guesting gigs and offer a TV and film projects that also limited too because this company only relies to their own production plus their opinion and not produced by others in TV, radio and films, commercial endorsement offers to artists are also limited as well because their company didn’t want their artists to exposed more on TV and stay for being mysterious for a long time. Utilizing social media channels of their artists are also their company’s disadvantages because their agency didn’t give them a creative freedom to utilized their social media channels both group and personal accounts for showing more contents and relies on their incompentent social media staff instead. And also relies on their own app Lysn ones too which is the reason why these SM artists didn’t post their group pictures and other contents on their social media channels which is advantages for the artists from YG, JYP, Big Hit and other agencies did, this app have BASIC and ACE categories thing when the BASIC have lots of disadvantages and ACE is like VIP treatment that they’re the only to see the contents of every SM artists because it’s paid fanclub membership where this paid fanclub membership is common for every Kpop acts which for me is not justificable I mean hindi makatarungan eh tignan nyo naman yung taumbayan ay di nga makabayad ng mga pangangailangan nila like bills in water, telephone and electricity then sa school yung mga tuition fee ng mga bata ang mahal pa nga eh tapos ito pang paid fanclub membership ay mas malaking perwisyo pa nga just want more money on their own pockets?! Don’t use us every fans and supporters of every Kpop and non-Kpop acts to be paid too for that kind of fanclub membership, gusto nyo kaming suhulan para mambiktima and using our personal information that are on your databases without asking permission or consent, ayy wow ha eh you didn’t know na fans lang kami rito hello and we have our own lives to prioritized. I’ve got a lots of trust issues with this company even before my bros EXO debuted, there’s lots of changes happening in this company but I don’t know why they did this to their artists, employees and us fans here. Back in the Lysn app issue thing, it’s connected with I said earlier on tolerating bullying and violence of this company because lots of haters of EXO in general are wanting member Chen to leave in EXO because of this marriage and planning of a child thing, this is a super crossed the line matter because not all the times that not just only Kpop artists, other Korean celebrities, other celebrities and personalities from other countries and us ordinary citizens will always be a single for a very long time because we will have our own husbands/wives and our children in the future because marriage and dating must not be an issue but it’s an opportunity that God has given to us and finding our own happiness also matters which we always take note of that. Lots of Korean fans of every Kpop acts and Korean actors/actresses and even the Korean general public are still conservative to this matter when it comes to dating and marriage due that they wanting more fantasies for their faves all times which as said by the three Korean men on one of the videos in Asian Boss channel that I’ve watched (I gave a shout out for them for being open minded when it comes to marriage and dating), remember that marriage and dating must not be a crime but it’s an opportunity and please don’t let our faves to tie only with you Koreans there. SM Entertainment must need a general overhaul in everything nowadays because they’re all in massive danger whether you like it or not, they’re now behind of other agencies in terms of everything. Their only advantages for this company is that they doing well when they trained their artists in singing and dancing and doing more charitable works.

I hope that everyone must understand of this comment I give right now, if you have questions, suggestions and other reactions that you give then please you can reply it here and I’m open for this discussion no matter what happens.

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